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The handloom and handicraft sector represents an important source of livelihood in India, especially in rural areas. Despite a significant contribution to the national GDP and export earning, little effort has been made to enhance the incomes of craft workers at a macro level. Hence, the younger generations of traditional craft communities have been increasingly exiting the sector, leaving behind a heritage of diverse and rich skills for as unskilled labour. However, these attributes of the crafts sector, and its widespread skill base across the country, also make it uniquely poised to be a driver for labour intensive, low capital investment employment growth. 999craft would like to see that traditional craft survives this generation. So that the next generation will be able to reap enjoyment of, and benefit from, the craft of their forefathers. Sustainable development of the Handicraft with improved livelihood opportunities for weavers and artisans of the state and shaping of the future generations by preserving the rich craft heritage of the state. To maximize income generating opportunities and attract new talents to the sectors.

The improvement of its reputation on the worldwide market and hence the growth of the number of Clients, the increase of the turnover, the territorial expansion and the entry in new areas of the market


To help worker and craftsmen who live below living standard to find a reliable and sustainable source of income

To provide training for cooperative members within the company supply chain

To encourage more people to appreciate both the beauty and also the good use of natural resources

To participate in developing handicrafts sector of India as well as encouraging the preservation of traditional craftsmanship in India